Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why The Lockdown?

So after tonight, and another failed attempt at a Lord (server crash), I thought of something. Why in god's name do zones lock? It is beyond frustrating that in a game where WAR is all around, you can't actually go to war in a specific area.

Due to the fact that these zones do lock, it gives very little to no incentive for people to even go to a certain zone. Thus promoting a "zerg" mentality across the server. By bottle necking everyone to one place, the game ultimately crashes at this stage in Warhammers life, bringing about frustration all over again.

I guess it's just something I don't understand, or want to accept. I want to 6 / 12 man. I want to not have to worry about being 83rd in a broken contribution system. I want to be able to take a keep with said 6 man without worrying about a zerg showing up. And I want to be able to defend that keep for some sort of incentive.

Tomorrow's a new day I suppose. Hopefully a new patch solves a problem or two. Sorry if my frustration has been showing through recently. Hopefully that is something solved soon as well.


  1. This is definitely something that could be made clearer or easier to manage.

    Welcome to the community!

  2. I disagree, I don't want to six-man any T4 keeps. BO's maybe is fine. It should take at least half a WB to take a t4 keep, and an absolute minimum of 1.5 WBs to take a fortress. This game's scope is supposed to be large and epic, requiring many people to work in concert towards a goal and completing tasks, not a bunch of small groups running around doing their own thing.

  3. hi there while i 100% understand the frustration of where your coming from (got a CTD today mid keep defense which ofc meant a long restart and running back all the way from our warcamp once i did get back on) i don't feel that opening up more zones and allowing people to take keeps with 6men is the solution.

    The zone locking idea is meant to represent the moving a battlefont as the realms push towards each others capital cites.

    i agree loot system still isn't quite right, mythic did add more loot bags to keeps a few patches ago but what they really need to do is make the number of bags scale better tot he number of combatants (that & allow longer to loot the chests)

    if you really want something to do as a 6man group capping BO's is always a great way of helping out. or running scenarios as a semi premade.